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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Storm Damage and Flood Restoration Services in Advance by SERVPRO 

The video covers some of the most extreme types of water damage that occurs in Advance, pointing out that flash flooding is one of nature's most destructive forces. Not only does the water enter properties and cause damage, but it also brings a host of contaminants such as raw sewage or chemicals that can cause further hardship for property owners. Worst of all, this type of water damage occurs with little or no warning. Many Advance property owners have been surprised at the damage levels a mere one inch of floodwater can leave behind in a home or commercial property. 

SERVPRO Performs Professional Flood Restoration in Advance Homes and Businesses

As the video points out, the flood water in Advance homes will eventually recede to the point water removal services can come in and begin the water damage restoration process. SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians can begin water extraction as soon as called due to the specific types of equipment they have, such as submersible pumps that can remove water from depths greater than two inches. Truck-mounted units can remove water by thousands of gallons. Suppose the flood damage in Advance is widespread. In that case, this local SERVPRO franchise has a connection to others across the nation, the SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team. They perform as a single emergency services water damage cleanup team when needed by a community affected by a disaster. 

Common Issues Encountered by SERVPRO During Advance Flood Restoration

Mud and debris brought into Advance properties are common during flood restoration by SERVPRO, as shown in the video. When this is part of the water clean up job, SERVPRO technicians bring in large hose pumps to remove the mud, sludge, and small debris, and as seen in the background of the video, shovels are often part of this process in Advance homes to move the extraction phase along more quickly. Walls and flooring deteriorated by exposure to the water may require flood cuts, removing only the damaged part of the sheetrock using clean, straight cuts for easy water damage repairs. Safety when handling this water is paramount, and biocides and antimicrobial water treatments get used by SERVPRO techs.

How SERVPRO Dries Advance Properties During Flood Restoration

There are numerous examples in the video of the lengths SERVPRO technicians go to dry Advance structures during the flood restoration job. For large-scale drying, there are truck-mounted units, and the techs can create custom tubing to bring the air in through the windows. Fleets of air movers and dehumidifiers placed every few feet throughout the home or business property can rapidly bring down the ambient humidity and get the building dry down to the framework. SERVPRO has specialized equipment such as drying mats, or the Injecti-Dry system is suited for forcing the warm, dry air from the air movers into flooring or small spaces to ensure every part of an Advance property gets dried. 

After drying, SERVPRO technicians fully clean and sanitize Advance properties and contents exposed to the water. This is the final step before water damage repairs get made so the Advance home or business can get back normal, "Like it never even happened."